Some couples are bold when it comes to organizing their special day while many others opt to take the safe, tested and proven route. The truth is that everybody has their own perspective and especially when planning nuptials, the family’s wishes too, have to be taken into consideration. However, there are certain ways in which you can make a ceremony stand out or be different here are some ways in which you could do so, if it suits you both and your families. marriage celebrant sydney prices

If you are from two different cultural backgrounds

You can always organize an ethnic or multicultural nuptial ceremony where the both of you and your families welcome and embrace the cultures of each other whole heartedly. It is a beautiful way to start your new life, with complete acknowledgement and respect for our partner. The majority of multi ethnic ceremonies embody deep and rich colours into their theme and often pay attention to the religious nuptial rites of both partners. If one culture says that a wedding celebrants Sydney North Shore has to be present and the other a priest, both rites will be exercised. A lot of attention needs to be given to everything from lighting to food to décor though so as to be careful that each aspect embodies both parties as best as possible. You can hire dancers to perform your cultural songs and dances and even use certain focal pieces from your cultures, for example, elephants, turbans and the likes as well.

If you want to make it feel more like a summer party

There are couples who wish to not put focus on the formal side of a nuptial ceremony. They want to enjoy and just embrace the romantic atmosphere and let everybody invited do the same as well. The perfect anecdote to this is the summer beachside nuptial ceremony. Use a lot of crisp white in your attire and décor and include all other colour shades in neutral and cool tones. Your food should also embody the same idea so serve some cocktails that literally taste like the summer such as greyhounds or maybe even mojitos. You may have to keep the drinks flowing because it will get hot and humid so make sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and food around if you do not want a drunken band of guests. You will need to have a marriage celebrant at the ceremony since you are not doing this in the courthouse or the church etc.

Ink or rings?

This one is a fairly new trend that has been catching on quite a bit. Couples opt to get tattoos on their ring fingers instead of exchanging rings itself at their ceremony. It is new and edgy and may not be the ideal choice for everyone but it is bold and unique nd if that’s the both of you and what you want, well what’s stopping you from trying it out?