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Month: November 2017

Keeping Your Big Day Casual, Well Thought Out And Fun

It’s your big day! You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! Since the search for true love has been a success surely throwing a party to celebrate your love and life together is nothing by comparison. Well, maybe not. The pressure is on to deliver. You have in-laws, relatives, friends and co-workers to impress. “Everything must be flawless, color coordinated and perfect” you might think before hyperventilating and reaching for your glass of wine. Wrong! If wedding planning has turned you into a bridezilla or has given you cold feet you’ve lost focus on what is important. Step back and take a deep breath.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Prioritizing is important. Planners are expensive but there are plenty of websites and magazines that cater to brides without the budget for a planner. There are virtual planning tools that will take you through every aspect of wedding planning thus helping make sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked. There are so many decisions to make such as selecting the right venue, invitations, photographers, rentals, linen and décor. Having a checklist and shopping list will help you see things in perspective and properly manage your budget. Make the planning fun! Cake and wine tasting shouldn’t be stressful. Have a well thought out plan and idea of how you want your day to go but don’t turn into a bridezilla by trying to micro-manage. Visit 

Build out your timeline

The timeline will help estimate the flow of the wedding. Thereby, making sure there are no awkward gaps between the ceremony and reception or that the best man’s hilarious yet heartfelt speech gets cut short for time. Don’t keep your guests waiting, hungry or bored. Their mood will set the tone as well. Make sure everyone is at ease and socializing but also that refreshments are flowing and the day doesn’t feel like a drag because of lengthy gaps.

Keep it fun and enjoy yourself

Make sure you and your partner make time to enjoy your day. The ceremony and reception should be enjoyable and momentous to you both. Step back if need be and have a private moment with your future spouse before or even during the festivities. Mingle with your guests but have time for yourselves. Don’t be overly conscious about it. Wedding photography is important but keep it casual and make sure you, your partner and your guests don’t feel tense with the constant looming of cameras in your faces. An album and wedding video full of intimate and candid moments of laughter, glee and genuine happiness will be much more rewarding than stiff and forced portraits.

A lot of work goes into planning the perfect day. All the preparations and planning is to ensure everyone has a great time. Your guests are important but make sure you and your fiancée live in the moment. Be mindful of making the time and space to take it all in. Have fun, dance, mingle and eat cake!

Planning Hassle Free Party Food

The kind of food that you serve at parties can make a lot of difference in the cleaning up you have to do after that. If you opt for elaborate courses, chances are that you will need a lot of party ware and dinnerware that would be left to be emptied out as well as for cleaning after that. If you think ahead and plan carefully, you can ensure that you have little cleaning up to do after your guests have gone. 

Finger food items

Not every party food menu needs to comprise of elaborate sit down dinners. Indeed, nowadays most people who lead busy lives find it convenient to serve finger food items. These can be exclusive at the same time, which can be ordered from perfect gourmet finger food catering services. Finger food items are usually not gravy items and can be served on small plates or even napkins. You would also be able to add in more variety when there are finger food items being served. Even if you do not want to stick to canapes or appetizers alone, small paper cups of soups as well as dessert items that are bite sized would be great for serving. At the same time, you might have excess food items left behind, but not messy gravies or elaborate dinnerware to clean.

Serving options

Another way to minimize your burden of having to clean and clear away utensils can be reduced by opting for disposable party ware. If you have ordered food from a catering service, simply by paying a minimal extra amount you could get food served and party ware or cutleries provided by the caterer as well. Hence, if you wish to make the party a stylish affair such as funeral catering Melbourne simply ask the caterer to extend their services to include serving and party ware or utensils as well. Many caterers usually include layouts as well and take care of necessary arrangements such as tables being set up for buffet arrangements, tables and chairs for guests to sit around in and linen as well as décor items to place on tables and so forth. The kind of catering service you opt for can be varied and the costs differ accordingly. If you wish to simply get the food delivered and have a hassle free casual party, opt for disposable party ware that your guests can use and that need not be cleaned up. When you have dry items on the menu, these need not be served elaborately and can be consumed easily.

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