Organizing An Upcoming Family Reunion

Planning a reunion with relatives or family members is something that really doesn’t happen often. In some cases, it takes a very long time probably years or decades before a major family get-together becomes a reality. Planning for this big event would require some time to plan and if you are planning to do so, we will be more than happy to provide you with the much needed practical tips in order to pull of this major family event.

 Tip #1: Set a date for the reunion- this has to be planned in advance probable 6-12 months ahead of time. The reason behind is if you have relatives living abroad they would also need to get an advanced notice so they can take a few weeks off from their work.

 Tip #2: Disseminate the information- We have a lot of ways to communicate with our relatives. You can send them an email, text message, call them individually and of course add them on social media. Since most people nowadays own a Facebook account, you can search for your relatives and create a group chat or a page where all updates will be posted. This is to make sure that everyone from the family is always on the loop, and they cannot make any excuses of not having any idea of what’s happening.  This is also a cheaper and more practical way to communicate with each other.

 Tip #3: Work on the budget- Usually when organizing a grand family reunion, everyone gives a certain amount of money for the contribution. The money that will be collected would be used to fund the actual get together such as hiring finger food catering for the event.  Some relatives may pledge a bigger or more generous amount as compared to the others but you still have to set a minimum and realistic amount for the individual contribution.  Make sure that all funds are pooled together at least 2 months before the reunion.

Tip #4: If the reunion would fall on a peak season make sure to look for the right venue ahead of time. Most reunions are scheduled during December or summer because this is the only time that most people can afford to have a longer vacation. Hire a reputable and reliable by inquiring at catering Wellington to know more about the current rate of their party packages.

 Once you have found the perfect venue and catering company make sure you have enough cash on hand to cover for the advanced payment they will be asking as part of your reservation.